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Heat bill up to day? Winter moratorium starts Nov. 1

25 October 2016
Heat bill up to day? Winter moratorium starts Nov. 1

If bill isn't, utilities don't have to hook you up with heat

Let Wisconsin Ethics Commission do its job

25 October 2016

Perhaps you have seen the video which purportedly shows evidence of voter fraud in Wisconsin. In the video shot by the group Project Veritas Action, a democratic political operative in...

Should Private Security Cameras Join The Downtown Surveillance Program?
Should Private Security Cameras Join The Downtown Surveillance Program?
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Part of latest batch of emails published by WikiLeaks


Becoming a fight between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton


Lawmakers calling for a special session to fix it


Group says instructions on absentee ballots are unclear


Wednesday, 12 October 2016 10:06

Sign Pro boss stuck in the air during fundraiser

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Conditions a little cooler than expected for fundraising stunt


Who would be crazy enough to sit in a bucket 40 feet above the street, in chilly weather, when he's afraid of heights?

Jim from 'Sign Pro' would. Jim Warsinske is spending today, and maybe tomorrow, in a 40 foot lift bucket outside the La Crosse Center, raising money for his team in the "Dancing with the La Crosse Stars," a benefit for the local Red Cross.  

The plan is to stay up in the air one minute for every dollar collected.

Warsinske went up in the lift this morning, and tells us that he picked this week for the stunt thinking that the warm weather would hang on for a while.  

"I was hoping to do this when the nights were still 50 degrees but the cold weather decided to come early," Warsinske said.

It doesn't help, Warsinske told us, that the 40 foot lift donated by Wieser Brothers, sways in the wind.

"Yes, I am afraid of heights," Warsinske confirmed in an interview this morning.

Fundraising is going a little slower than hoped, in the first few hours of the stunt, Warsinske had raised just about a hundred dollars toward his team's $10,000 goal.

The dancing competition is sponsored by the Red Cross chapter in La Crosse and all the funds stay with the local chapter.  

In its 11th year, "Dancing with the La Crosse Stars" is the organization's biggest annual fundraiser.  

The actual competition will be held at the La Crosse Center on November 26th.  


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 07:47

Activist's pot farming operation busted

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Apparently not for personal use


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Did you write your witness' full address?


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Isn't construction season over?


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Multiple layers of costs: $40 fee, $15 issue charge - $25 goes to Bucks


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VIDEO: Barack Obama reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live https://t.co/tcIg6gKrc9


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