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Democratic delegate, running - literally - from St. Paul to Philly, was in La Crosse Tuesday

29 June 2016
Democratic delegate, running - literally - from St. Paul to Philly, was in La Crosse Tuesday

Bino for Bernie is looking to raise awareness for a political revolution

Changing the concussion culture

28 June 2016
Changing the concussion culture

There's no such thing as a bell-ringer

Businesses aiming to end Wisconsin's personal property tax

28 June 2016

Legislators agree, but worry about the $250 million in losses

Drug abuse not just a young person's problem

24 June 2016

We tend to think of drug abuse as a young person's issue. But a new report finds that is not always the case. In fact, the report from the U.S....

Should Teachers Be Paid On Their Merit?
Should Teachers Be Paid On Their Merit?
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Raises new questions with Clinton, inner circle


County's team says incarceration isn't the answer


Buchholz believes NRA is another
corporation that owns Congress


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Wisconsin AARP says it's time to start asking that question


If customer is hurt, business would suffer severe consequences


Judge denies Williams release from jail


Thursday, 23 June 2016 07:47

La Crosse man dies after fire

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Fourth fire death for the year in La Crosse

A fire this week in La Crosse has led to the death of one man.  

The La Crosse Fire Department confirms that 60-year-old Stephen M. Pederson has died due to injuries sustained in the house fire on Johnson Street on Sunday. 

The fire department says the fire was caused by "improper discarding of smoking materials."

In addition, "hoarding issues" apparently added fuel to the fire, creating a bigger blaze for firefighters to handle. Fire chief Gregg Cleveland has warned in the past about the piles of excess stuff that seems to wind up in many homes, contributing to fire hazards and complicating rescue operations.  

There was no working smoke detectors in the house. A statement from the fire department suggests a detector may have saved Pederson's life.

Working smoke detectors are required in all homes. The fire department says 60% of all fire deaths happen in homes without working smoke detectors.  The department also says it can help with questions about smoke detectors, if needed.

Pederson's is the fourth fire fatality this year in La Crosse, an unusually high number.




Convictions have occurred in multiple couties


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Friday, La Crosse Center, dance party
to help Myles Knoble win the battle


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