Jon Olson


1) Does the city of La Crosse need a city administrator, and would you support another effort to create that position?


No and no


2) The city has received frequent criticism for being overly generous with financial incentives for developers. What sort of incentives should be available from the city, if any? How does the city best create a hospitable business environment?


When used properly the tif is a good tool for cities like La Crosse to use to attract new business and help existing business expand .the tif should only be used for infrastructure improvements  and we should keep better track of existing tifs .we should not overburden business with too many fees and regulations or act like the city knows how to run there business better than they do  .


3) There are growing concerns La Crosse is experiencing a surge in crime, particularly drug-related crimes. How do you plan to deal with the increasing level of criminal activity?


Reducing crime will be a priority for me ,it is a key part to making improvement to our neighborhoods .I would make sure that the police department has what they need  and is operating as effectively as possible. I would also try to work closer with the county sheriff and judges


4) La Crosse's fire department is one of the most expensive in the state per capita to operate. Are you happy with the status quo in the department? What, if any, changes you would like to see in staffing, overtime use, equipment purchases or other expenses for the department?


La Crosse has an excellent fire department but can it run more efficiently I believe so .My own business has to be run as efficient as possible to offer a high quality product for a fair price



5) A recent study of La Crosse neighborhoods details the challenges of some of the city's distressed areas. Do you see problems in La Crosse neighborhoods, and if so, how do you propose to remedy those problems?


I have read the study ,it shows that La Crosse has very low home values compared to surrounding towns and cities  .  We need to do more to encourage home ownership  and home repair  instead of discouraging it thru higher inspection costs and new inspection permits such as for roofing and window replacement.  I would to develop a long range plan for some of the worse areas of the city for complete residential redevelopment



6) After years of steady increases, city taxpayers have recently experienced a string of little or no increase in the city's tax levy rate. Will you try to continue that trend, and how will you do it?


I will continue with no increases in taxes with better efficiency and increased tax base.



7) In the past year, city department heads have been given the authority to create new fees as they see fit. Should fees supplant and/or add to property taxes collected by the city? Are the fees that have been added in recent years excessive?


I disagree with many of the recent fee increases  . Too many fees can discourage business from locating or staying here and high building permit fees can discourage residential  repairs and new construction



8) Recently, the La Crosse City Vision Foundation, with the blessings of the La Crosse police department, has announced a plan to raise nearly a half million dollars to install surveillance cameras in the downtown for use by police. Do you support the plan? Why or why not?


Currently there are many cameras downtown, but the police do not have immediate access to them .With this system they would have instant access if a crime is reported  .  And it will be done with private funds



9) Some have complained that the city council often seems to work against the current mayor rather than cooperating with him. How will you get the council to follow your agenda, if they're all opposed to it?

My past experience as a city council member would show that I did my homework,  made reasoned debate and was respectful to everyone that is how you get cooperation



10) What is the last book you read?  What is the last movie you saw?

Book- the servant by James Hunter     Movie -Skyfall


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