Wisconsin High School Football: And Then There Were Eight

So far, a permanent schedule has yet to be figured out for high school football in Wisconsin.

Next fall, it will be a nine game season.  And, just decided this week by the WIAA board, an eight game schedule for 2012. The process highly complicated by differences of opinion about when the season should end.   Including those who think state finals should wind up on Thanksgiving week-end, says WIAA area rep and Bangor superintendent, Roger Foegen which is problematic, he says, because of the obvious conflicts with the holiday and with deer hunting for which some school districts take off an entire week of school.


Above all, Foegen says, the WIAA wants to stay away from having a cluster of games at the end of the season for safety's sake.   But the agency also doesn't want too early of a start in the summer to avoid conflicts with summer vacations.

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