Myrick Park Zoo Bears at New Home

The first of two listening sessions today for new, animal-free plans for La Crosse's Myrick hixon Eco Park.

Meanwhile, the last remaining animals from the old zoo at the park are getting settled in at their new digs. Patience and Prudence, the pair of 23 year-old black bears who had called the old Myrick Park zoo, "home."   Shipped out about a week and a half ago to the Crooked Hollow zoo in Manchester, Iowa.


Pam Sellner owns the private zoo. She says Patience and Prudence are doing well.  A little cantankerous when they first arrived because they had to brought out of a hibernating slumber.  But have gone back to sleep since then.


La Crosse gave the bears to the zoo. City park and rec boss, Steve Carlyon says it took months to find a home for them.

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