Penaly Decisions Next in Ethics Case

Next step in the La Crosse mayor's ethics investigation: The penalty phase. Last week, the city's ethics board found mayor Matt Harter had, in fact, used his position to try and gain special privileges for his family's garbage hauling business through meetings with the county solid waste director. Although not required to do so, the board recommended no punishment for the mayor, saying that the mayor will go through enough public reprimand after the release of the findings of the investigation. Coming up, the city council's judiciary and administration will decide if a penalty hearing is needed. If so, a hearing would be held in front of the city council. It's the council that will determine punishment. Could mean removal from office.


0 #1 Darin 2011-01-25 07:53
What I find noteworthy is that this ethics board snidely recommended ethics classes for the mayor. I guess the joke's on them, since ethics are not acquired from the attending of a class. I honestly think people aren't going to be deceived by this the way the mayor's opponents hope. This isn't 1992.

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