Monroe County Board Goes No Where

It was meant to finally answer questions of where, when and how much when talking about a new Monroe County Justice Center. After 4 hours Tuesday night, the Special Meeting of the Monroe County Board was summed up by supervisor, Gale Champman. "We wasted $1000 of taxpayer money tonight and 24 grown adults sat here for 4 hours and did nothing".

8 discussion points were on the table....things ranging from justice programs, cost, locations and jail remodeling and expansion needs. Only 2 points actually made it to discussion....and after they were brought up.....several resolutions were brought up as well....picked apart......then voted down....leaving the talking points where they lay....on paper. It all comes on the heels of a study done in 2007 that stated the courthouse and jail had serious security issues and more jail beds and space were needed.

Supervisor Brian Buswell stated that not since 1896 when the courthouse in Sparta was built....has any board ever thought about future needs. Small remodels and additions were done on 3 separate occasions, but Buswell said that is not even close to being enough. And after saying the issue of expansion has gone no where in 21 years......he questions now....whether anything will ever get done.

No word on any other specials meetings for the board in the near future.

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