Armed Robbery Spoils Birthday

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a birthday. Getting robbed at gunpoint is probably not one of the best ones. But that's exactly what La Crosse police say happened to a Holmen middle schooler on New Year's Eve. They say he was cased, stalked, and then accosted in the parking lot of the High Rollers Skating Rink on La Crosse southside. A couple punks with blaze orange hats, cops say, held up the middle schooler with a BB gun. They got 45 bucks. But he got a picture of one of the thugs with his cell phone. Police have charged 17 Leon Hesser-Thompson with armed robbery as an adult. A 16 year-old boy is charged as a child.


0 #1 tamtok 2011-01-18 00:29
I believe there is always 2 sides and everyone is giving the kid who was robbed side of story. This is what I have heard that there was a group of 9 hanging out including the 2 from Mn and they wanted to get some pot and so they all walked to back of building no one was at gun point they all went thinking they were getting some pot. Then the gun was taken out and passed around and all the kids looked at it. So I think they didn't get the pot and was out the $45 and had to tell his parents something and so they said they were robbed when they know they were not. This 17 yr old does not need to be sent to prison but I do think he should be punished for having the gun. He is not a thug he is a child who needs help so he can become a good law abiding citizen so please don't ruin his life with sending him to prison maybe a bootcamp I'm not sure but not prison. Thank you

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