Cops: Guy More Perpetrator Than Defender

La Crosse cops have seized a sizable cache of weapons from a Viterbo student.


Cops say they've arrested Micheal Kohutko on a number of charges for some squabbles with his girlfriend. They say the 25 year-old gave the woman bruises after the last throwdown and, some time ago, held a loaded .357 to her head while he threatened her. Kohutko admits to pointing the gun at the victim but says it was because she hit him. He also claims the bruises were a result of "rough sex." Following a court order, police have seized four handguns, two rifles and a shotgun plus hundreds of rounds of ammo from Kohutko, who is, they say identifiable by a tattoo in Latin that reads "defensor femunus." Roughly translated as, "defender of women."

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