Skemp To Close Arcadia Hospital

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare plans to expand its family medicine practice and long-term care facilities while discontinuing hospital-based services at its Arcadia campus, effective the end of the first quarter, 2011. Hospital services include acute care admissions, obstetrics and emergency services.

This decision does not include clinic services, behavioral health, specialty outreach, or nursing home services, which will be continued and are slated for enhancement or expansion.

Vice President for Regional Practices John Nemec said Franciscan Skemp leaders researched the situation to ensure that the service it provides continues to meet the needs of the community and can be sustainable long term, both financially and from a safety and quality perspective. Maintenance requirements for the aging hospital, low patient volumes and limited population growth all contributed to the decision to discontinue hospital-based services at the Arcadia campus.

On this campus, Franciscan Skemp employees 215 individuals. This change will affect fewer than 20 positions.

The family medicine clinic and nursing home in Arcadia will remain fully staffed to provide service to area residents. Franciscan Skemp’s plans to expand its current family medicine practice in Arcadia include a new clinic building, which will be reviewed for approval in the 2011 budget.

Long-term care is a demonstrated need for the Arcadia community that will be maintained going forward, including swing bed services for those patients who have recovered from the acute phase of an illness, but continue to require skilled nursing care and/or skilled rehabilitation services. A gap in the services currently being provided is that of assisted living. Franciscan Skemp is in the process of seeking a partner who could potentially add this service.

Many emergency services and acute care needs will be provided in the clinic urgent care setting where patients can be treated and discharged or stabilized and transferred. Major trauma and after hours emergencies will be managed by rapid transport to major hospitals in the area.


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