Bag of Wax More Trouble for Onalaska Man

Angelo Ervin must have known things weren't going to go his way Sunday evening.  La Crosse police say the Onalaska man managed to stall out while towing his big boat through the intersection of Clinton and Rose street on the northside. Cops suggest the problem with the towing may have had something to do with the condition of the operator. They say Ervin blew a .26 on a breathalyzer at the scene. Fourth OWI for Ervin. After they searched the 41 year-old at jail, they shook free a bag of wax from his pants. Ervin says he was going to try and sell the wax as crack cocaine. Ervin's already in trouble for a knife fight he got into in a northside La Crosse bar over a card game earlier this month. Cops say, in that one, he was hiding cocaine in his mouth. But that was the real stuff.

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