Harter Vetoes Pot, Internet Connections

A couple of vetoes from La Crosse mayor Matt Harter this week. Harter has said no to the $25 dollar per council member reimbursement for internet service. He's also vetoed an ordinance that would have allowed police to ticket for pot possession. Not because he thinks the measure lacks merit. The mayor says he just wants to be sure no one's confused about the ordinance.   And he wants the public to be clear that a similar ordinance would not be less than what state law already allows for.   Also, Harter says he wanted to avoid the impression that the city was taking the criminality out of illicit drug use.


+1 #1 2010-10-13 06:44
Good for mayor Harter. Next, I think he should look at the private cars the taxpayers fund for city dept heads to use. Seems inappropriate to me for us to pay for each dept head to have their own car, on our dime. LaCrosse isn't a large town, and I think a fleet of cars for city workers to use WHEN necessary (i.e. attend meetings out of town) would be sufficient--not to drive to/from work in town. They should have to pay for/use their own vehicle like the rest of us. Just like the internet issue, only more costly.

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