Male Student Allegedly Molested By Two At UWL

Students and staff at U-W-La Crosse are being offered counseling, after an alleged student rape at a dorm on Monday.

The two suspects and the alleged victim are all males. Brayden Wienke and Casey Gudis were arrested shortly after the alleged incident was reported Monday, but they didn't appear in court until Wednesday. As part of their bond, the two are not allowed back on campus, and have been suspended for now. They're expected back in the courtroom next week. Few details have been released by the D-A's office or university police.


0 #1 telephoneman 2010-09-30 07:52
Where is the LGBT with their apology for this incident? They are very good at demanding apologies from other people. Weren't they just quoted about how they were going to make LaCrosse a safe place for everybody? Scary...

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