Two La Crosse Cops In Court...One Sentenced, One Charged

A tale of two policemen in La Crosse County court...

The bond for Sergeant Alan Iverson is just one per cent of what was imposed during his initial hearing last week. Iverson is accused of disorderly conduct and threats to injure, for threatening to hurt his wife and children. Judge Dale Pasell lowered the original 100-thousand dollar bond to just one thousand dollars. A pre-trial hearing is planned for next week.

Also in court on Tuesday, former La Crosse police lieutenant Brian Thomson was given probation and jail time for stealing drugs being held as evidence by the police department. Thomson lost his job last summer when he was caught trying to steal fake drugs in a departmental sting. Thomson says he is now sober and clean from a drug addiction that started early in his police career, and he feels he has a 'bright future.'



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