Political Analyst Says Kapanke May Be Harmed by Latest Complaint

Dan Kapanke may feel the pinch of this one. La Crosse political analyst Joe Heim says the latest ethics complaint from the state democratic party about Kapanke's business dealings may stick in the craw of some voters.   He says when the headlines scream about ethics and money laundering, those allegations tend to have an impact on the perceptions of voters and are likely to have an effect on the efficacy of a candidate running for office.


Heim feels the democratic party's complaint is based on something relatively minor.   Kapanke has said he erred by paying a team debt to the city out of a charitable foundation but has since paid the foundation back out of team coffers.  


0 #1 goldwing85 2010-08-27 09:47
The Democrats are calling this a slush fund? Yet when has a Republican been found with $90,000.00 in cash in his freezer? If you ask me they need to stop trying to smear someone until they have their own slush fund defrosted! Phil

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