Shotgun Domestic Squabble Leads to Homegrown Drug Bust

La Crosse police scored a two-fer over the week-end at a house on the city's far southside.


Late Sunday night, they busted a 26 year-old guy outside the house on Quail drive after he apparently threatened his wife with a Remington 870 12 guage. But it was after cops went into the home that they found all the agricultural fun the guy's brother, 20 year-old Kallen Faas has been having. They found marijuana plants in a makeshift grow cabinet made out of an old fridge. They found hallucinogenic mushrooms growing in rice. They found fertilizer and needles and grow lights and a book on growing pot along with dried pot and 'shrooms. All of it, insists Faas, for his own personal use. Police have arrested him for dealing.

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