Arrest Made In Check Cashing Business Robberies

Seems as though both check cashing businesses robbed in Sparta and Tomah in the past week were connected.......and now an arrest has been made. Cops say shortly after the Tomah business was robbed Tuesday, cops saw a car on I-90 and the driver resembled the description from both the Sparta and Tomah armed robberies. It was then learned that the driver, 40 year old Boun Lee of La Crosse was currently on probation for burglary.

During the traffic stop items were found in the car which lead officers to believe that Lee was involved in the armed robbery that occurred in Tomah. During a search of the car, officers recovered several items to including a grey hoodie style sweatshirt, a black scarf, a Crossman BB style handgun, and cash consistent to the amount taken from the Check and Cash in Tomah. Additional evidence was located in the vehicle which links Lee to the armed robbery which occurred in Sparta.

Charges against Lee are being referred to the Monroe County District Attorney's office. They include Armed Robbery and theft. Lee is currently being held in the LaCrosse County jail on a probation hold.

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