Fed Time Coming For Beanie Baby Drug Stash

It's federal prison time for an Onalaska woman convicted for ordering

shipments of the painkiller Oxycodone hidden inside of Beanie Babies. 24 year old Erica Litsheim of Onalaska sent $30 thousand dollars in money orders to obtain the Oxycodone. She'll spend 366 days behind bars. Her 46 year old boyfriend, Edward Riel of Onalaska, pleaded guilty to distributing the drug.


Riel led the sales ring, and it netted over $350 thousand dollars. Police say he recruited Litsheim and a dozen other people to send money orders to the drug supplier, in return for Beanie Babies which were stuffed with the drug.


56 year old Jan Dettman of Onalaska has also pleaded guilty to being a co-conspirator. Prosecutors said she sent more than $54 thousand dollars in money orders to the suppliers.

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