Organic Valley Reels In The Cash

Governor Scott Walker presenting a $1.4 million Transportation Economic

Assistance grant to the Village of Cashton today. The grant will assist in road construction projects supporting Organic Valley's growing business operations in Cashton. This investment in infrastructure will directly assist in retaining 138 jobs and adding 200 new jobs.


The Village of Cashton will use the funds to help cover costs associated with a street construction and reconstruction project, including pedestrian and bicycle accommodations to support the expansion of Organic Valley's distribution center/headquarters. In addition to the 338 direct jobs at Organic Valley, the project will indirectly support another 362 jobs, for a total of 700 jobs. The $1.4 million grant represents nearly 45 percent of the approximately $3.2 million transportation improvement project. The remainder of the funding is being provided by the village.


Organic Valley, the nation's largest producer of organic milk, is investing nearly $25 million to expand its existing distribution center in Cashton and construct a new headquarters building at the site.

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