Police Department Audit Shows Tampering

La Crosse County D.A. Tim Gruenke, says that the discovery of

manipulation by an officer in the evidence room at the La Crosse Police Department has resulted in an audit which has in turn exposed more manipulation of evidence. That was told to a defense attorney by Gruenke earlier today. Since that communication went out.....the La Crosse Police Department has since conducted a thorough audit of their evidence area and have identified a number of evidentiary items that they believe were manipulated after the original packaging of the evidence.


It all stems from the suspected illegal activity of former police Lt. Brian Thomson. La Crosse Police placed fictitious controlled substances under observation and it was revealed that Thomson removed the items. Subsequently, Thomson was arrested on the charges of attempted possession of a controlled substance and misconduct in office.


Thomson, who after two weeks has not been formally charged, appears back in court again on October 2nd.

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