Council President Pleased with Parking Ramp Fee Development

Sometimes pushing a little helps you get what you want. La Crosse city council members pushed hard enough on developer Don Weber to get him to give ground on what was once considered a deal breaker. A ban on paid parking in the new city parking ramp has been lifted. Really wasn't that hard, says city council member, Audrey Kader.   She says Weber determined that it was in the city's best interest to be able to charge for parking at the ramp if it needed to.   She says, he also really wants to start construction on the ramp and the third Riverside Center building.  The city currently doesn't charge for parking in any ramps. But if it does in the near future, the new ramp would be included.


0 #1 lefse 2010-05-26 09:31
Pushing a little harder? Here is your 16 million back with hefty debt service. We do not want to pay for parking in our new, free, matching decor, ADJACENT ramp.

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