County Board Supervisor Says Park Name Change is a Start

Hanging a new name on a park won't change the park's character.  And it

certainly won't change the neighborhood around the park, says Andrew Londre.  He represents the area around Hood Park on the La Crosse county board.  Londre's a fan of changing the name of Hood park to Poage park in honor of the first US black Olympian who was from La Crosse.  But Londre likes the change less for the name and more for the work that will come after that, courtesy of a TIF agreement with Gundersen Lutheran



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George Poage graduated from high school in La Crosse and medaled at the Olympic games in 1904.


(Londre has contacted our newsroom to let us know that he finds it offensive that we would claim he likes the idea of improvements made through the TIF agreement to Hood park better than simply changing the name of the park. Apparently, he finds the name change much more valuable.  Point taken.)

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