Two Accused Of Sexually Abusing Girl For Years

Two Tomah brothers are accused of sexually assaulting a girl from the time

the girl was 8 to the time she was 14. 22 year old Holden Mayberry and 19 year old Shawn Mayberry are both facing charges of first degree sexual assault of a child. The now 15 year old girl told her parents in October of last year that the two brothers had both had sex with her dozens when she was younger.

According to the police, Holden Mayberry began to abuse the girl when she was 8 years old. Police say he would threaten to hurt himself and the girl's mother if she told anyone about the abuse.

A few months later, Shawn Mayberry began to enter her bedroom at night. The girl told police Shawn Mayberry would come to her room once or twice a week and force intercourse on her. Shawn Mayberry admitted to police that he abused the girl and he knew it was wrong. According to police, Holden Mayberry refused to speak to police about the accusations.


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