Motorcycle Gang Members Arrested for Armed Robbery

A couple members of the local Outlaw Motorcycle Gang have been busted for armed robbery at a La Crosse tattoo parlor this week-end.  Cops say Paul Wenzel and Shannon Storey were among the half dozen or so Outlaws that accosted an Iowa man, his wife and his two teen kids at the Blue Line tattoo place on Main street at about seven on Saturday night.  The woman was there for a nose piercing when, suddenly, the Outlaws showed up, pushed the man around and started cutting patches off his jean jacket.  Finally made the guy take his clothes off outside.  Outlaws told the family they weren't welcome in Wisconsin.  Cops caught up to Wenzel and Storey at the Outlaws clubhouse on the northside.  They still had the victims clothes and were armed with guns and knives.   

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