No Post Season For Aquinas Hockey

There will be no post season for an area high school hockey team. The La

Crosse Aquinas boys’ co-op hockey team violated the Jablonski Rule, which disqualifies a school after three player removals for checking from behind. Aquinas appealed the move to the WIAA and the state’s school athletic governing body rejected the appeal this week.


Aquinas principal Ted Knutson told WIZM news that he thought his team had a case, because the second violation occurred in Minnesota and his team did not get a notice about it until after the third violation. Knutson said Aquinas thought the second violation didn’t count because it happened outside of Wisconsin.


The team went 14 and 6 this year and they had to give up the Number 3 seed in the Wisconsin Dells Regional. The boys’ regionals begin next Tuesday.

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