No Charges Coming


Jackson County District Attorney Gerald Fox says no charges are likely to be

filed against 31 year old Jarrod Thompson...the Ettrick man who authorities say used self defense when non fatally shooting 25 year old Robert Schafer of Taylor. The incident happened December 5th.


The Jackson County Sheriff's Department say Schafer, who had a warrant for his arrest, was violating a restraining order and approached Thompson in a threatening manner despite warnings. After alluding officers for several weeks before, Schafer was apprehended December 9th at a Black River Falls apartment, but only after trying to escape, injuring three law enforcement officers and being tased at least twice.


He's been charged with three counts of battery of an officer, two counts of criminal damage to property and two counts of resisting an officer, all as a repeat offender. Schafer's being held on a $100 thousand cash bond.

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