Security Changes Today In Tomah Schools

Some school districts in the area are deciding to play it safe today, the day the world's supposed to end, with a strong police precense at some. An email was sent to parents of Tomah school students Thursday and posted on Facebook, in regards to rumors we heard about in other districts this week.

According to the superintendent, the rumors have extended to high schools throughout Wisconsin and across the nation. Fueled by the misunderstood Mayan calendar and in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut. The Tomah schools have worked with the Tomah Police Department throughout the week to investigate any and all rumors about school today and no threats of any kind has been made about today.

As a precautionary measure law enforcement will be present throughout the day, and all students entering the building will be met outside the school by law enforcement and administration. Additionally beginning today all of the exterior doors to the school will remain locked throughout the school day. Visitors will need to be identified and permitted into the building by school staff using the entrance on Lincoln Avenue.

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