Sidewalk Warning Issued by City

Every year there's that one place on the block.  That's the one where the sidewalks never get shoveled, only packed down until they've resembled a trampled and trundled tundra stumbleway.  Or, there's a path a foot-wide down which you have to walk single file.  Both situations not good in the eyes of the city of La Crosse, issuing a fresh reminder this week about the necessities of shoveling and shoveling well.  Failure to completely clean the sidewalks and curb cuts within 24 hours of the last snow could result in the city doing the job for you, dropping a bill in the mail for their services and then citing you for violating the city sidewalk clearing rules.  To deal with icy walks or packed snow the city recommends its sand and salt mixture, available for free at most fire stations and Isle la Plume. 

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