Cole Wants A New Trial

Back in March of last year, Illinois native, Tammy Cole, was found

guilty of first degree intentional homicide in connection with the April 2010 shooting of 53 year old Vance Evans in Tomah. Sentenced to life in prison with parole after 30 years, Cole was back in a Monroe County courtroom today, asking that she be re-tried in the case.


On the stand in Sparta, Cole's former Attorney, Michael Rabbit. Her new attorney quizzed Rabbit all morning on things ranging from the lack of evidence presented in the case to the fact that Vance Evans had a BAC of .33 at the time of his death and that he actually could have been the aggressor in the shooting. Evans was also facing prison time in Illinois for a 4th DUI. Cole's second attorney was scheduled to take the stand this afternoon.

The prosecution maintains that Cole was upset that Evans admitted that he was in another relationship so she found a gun in his home and shot him, then tried to blow the house up.

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