Kwik Trip Fighting Utilities Over CNG

The compressed natural gas market has expanded quickly.  And plans by La Crosse-based Kwik Trip is that it will go even faster.  All threatened, says the company, by a recent move by utilities in the state to move into the compressed natural gas--or CNG--market.  Kwik Trip, along with local lawmakers, is trying to convince the state's public service commission to not approve applications by two different utilities to build their own CNG stations.  The convenience store company claims in a filing with the PSC that allowing the ratepayer subsidized companies to compete with private companies would only prevent the CNG industry from developing efficiently.  Kwik Trip has just recenly opened its own CNG stations in Wisconsin and plans many more in the upper midwest by next year. 


0 #1 Dan 2012-11-07 08:30
Oh the irony: The company that is asking for taxpayer subsidies, through the TIF, of its proposed expansion is now griping about the competition receiving - wait for it - taxpayer subsidies.

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