De Vito Main Attraction At Pro-Obama Event On Campus

He's been famous for more than 30 years...but how you know Danny De Vito may depend on what generation you belong to.

Baby boomers may know him best as Louie from the TV show 'Taxi.' Or you know his movies, like 'Twins' and 'Ruthless People,' and as the Penguin in 'Batman Returns.' And for lots of young people seeing De Vito at UWL yesterday, he's Frank from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.' De Vito led a group of actors from his show and another sitcom in an Obama campaign event on campus Sunday, drawing a crowd of hundreds to Cartwright Center.


Neither Obama nor Mitt Romney got to La Crosse this election year, but their running mates did. La Crosse also hosted Governor Walker and Senator Ron Johnson this weekend, promoting GOP candidates.


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