S Dakota Police Stop Leads To Onalaska Drug Bust

Almost 40 pounds of marijuana was delivered to a house in Onalaska this week...with help from the cops.

A police informant took the pot to the Benjamin Zimmer home on Monday, and left it in a cooler. Later, another Onalaska man allegedly came by the house and picked up some of the marijuana. Now, both Zimmer and Brandon Eckert are facing drug charges. Judge Scott Horne says Zimmer is accused of warehousing, while Eckert is charged with drug possession.  Zimmer reportedly was going to pay the informant about 90-thousand dollars for the pot.


Police stopped the informant near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on Sunday, and found the marijuana in his car. When he said he was assigned to deliver it to Zimmer in Onalaska, the police brought the informant to La Crosse to help arrange for the drug drop.


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