Local Election Clerk Says No Changes Needed on Voting Day

Lots of changes recommended in Wisconsin in the voting process prior to the November election.  Those come in a report by a coalition of voting rights groups this week.  That would be overkill from the perspective of West Salem village administrator, Theresa Schnitzler.  She says the in-person voting is fine the way it is.  It's absentee voting that's a problem.  One of the issues is having to wait for ballots to come in until the Friday after the election



Schnitzler says she also had some would-be absentee voters who came in on the day before the election but new rules prohibited them from voting. 


0 #1 Dan 2012-07-27 10:21
No changes needed EXCEPT to reinstate the voter ID law, though I do understand she's not in the position to comment on that.

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