Shilling Hopes To Avoid Office Switch By Senate Majority

A prime example of 'to the winner goes the spoils' often plays out in the Wisconsin legislature...

Traditionally, the majority party in the Assembly or Senate claims the biggest Capitol offices for itself. Such a switch could happen again soon, since Democrats regained control of the Senate yesterday. Senator Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse is now in the majority, but she hopes she won't have to change offices before November. And she has other ideas about how offices should be assigned, such as by committee membership.

Shilling hopes that the transition in Senate leadership will not cost too much tax money.




0 #1 Dan 2012-07-18 04:21
Democrats take over the majority position in the Senate and the first order of business is to worry about a game of Musical Chairs? Howzabout, Senator, you reintroduce the Mining Bill to jump-start creation of all those jobs you keep saying you want in this state?

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