Report from City Halls Shows Variety of Travel Destinations

Look through the travel expense reports from La Crosse city hall and you'll find all sorts of interesting destinations: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston.   All places that city employees have traveled to that appear on records for the first five months of this year.  We took a look at the travel report and found plenty of travel for training and conferences.  Like the nearly five hundred dollar bill for the municipal prosecutor to attend an OWI workshop in Elkhart Lake.  Or the thirty three hundred dollars spent by the city's planning department to send three employees to the American Planning Association conference in L.A.  A couple of Orlando trips: one for GREAT program training and another for the fire chief to attend a conference.  Police spend by far the most on travel.  But much of that is paid for through grants.  54 thousand dollars in travel expenses by city employees so far this year. 

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