Agent Testifies About Testing Koula Travel Timeline

A large part of the state's murder case against Eric Koula hinges on the idea that he allegedly killed his parents during an hour-long trip from La Crosse to his home in West Salem.

Investigators tested that theory before Koula's arrest, and one state agent talked about the driving experiment during the trial on Monday. John Christopherson was one of the agents who retraced the route that police believe Koula took on May 21st, 2010...if he was the actual murderer. He says the trip involved three legs...from Loomis Street in La Crosse to the home of Koula's parents...then over to the Shopko on Highway 16. Then, the final leg, to Eric's house.


That's nearly 23 miles, with a total driving time of 37 minutes. Prosecutors believe Koula could have spent 15 minutes at his parents' house committing the murders, and still arrived home by 6:30 p.m.



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