Witnesses At Koula Trial Talk About Security Cameras

Testimony about cameras took up much of the time in court at the Eric Koula murder trial on Friday...

Jurors saw security videos from three different cameras at Bridgeview Plaza, taken on the afternoon in 2010 that Koula said he went there to shop for an anniversary present for his wife. But security videos don't show him going there, and investigators believe Koula was actually at his parents' home in Barre Mills at that time, fatally shooting his mother and father.

The jury also was told about another secretly installed by officers to monitor Eric Koula's house after the murders. Chief Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Wolf said the decision came after Eric claimed he had received a mysterious letter with the message 'Fixed You.'  The defense has confirmed that Eric wrote that note to himself. The trial resumes Monday morning in La Crosse County court.


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