Onalaska Officer Cleared in Shooting

La Crosse DA Tim Gruenke says an Onalaska cop was justified in the shooting of a man late last month.  Gruenke says officer James Page had every reason to believe that "deadly force was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself" in the shooting of 45 year old Keith Marchbanks on the night of March 29th.  Marchbanks apparently stabbed his wife and set the Hidden River Road house on fire before coming towards Page with a butcher knife.   A sheriff's deputy evidently used his Tazer on Marchbanks before Page dropped him with a single shot to the chest.  Marchbanks is apparently still in the hospital.  The woman is recovering from her stab wounds.  Marchbanks has not yet been charged.  La Crosse police had investigated the shooting per normal protocol. 

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