Saints Talked About Bringing Training Camp Back To UWL

The last time U-W-La Crosse hosted an NFL training camp, Bill Clinton was president.

And Roger Harring was still coach of the U-W-L Eagles football team. The New Orleans Saints last trained on the La Crosse campus in 1999, a full decade before finally winning a Super Bowl. But this year, the Saints decided to check out the La Crosse campus again as a possible training site. U-W-L athletic director Josh Whitman was in talks with the team for weeks, but they couldn't reach a deal. Whitman says the exposure would have been good for the university and the community.  But Whitman, a former NFL player himself, adds that the La Crosse campus may not be adequate for the current demands of a pro football training camp. He suggests some improvements might be needed before a camp comes to town again.


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