4 Day School Week Getting Closer For B-T-H-S


An area school district could be first in the state to get a four day school week. Thousands of surveys went in the mail this week to residents of the Blair-Taylor School District. The district wants their opinion on switching to a four-day school week. Several public meetings on the issue were held earlier this year and one speaker at a meetin was Dr. Don Kordosky, superintendent of Oakridge Schools in Oregon State. He said since his district went to the four day schedule, he’s been spreading the word across the country on its pros and cons. One big pro he says is that making the switch can save the district about five to seven percent of its budget. Blair-Taylor Superintendent Dennis Dervetski says it’s all about improving the learning environment by allowed 45 extra minutes of instructional time. And he's all for it. If approved, the 4 day week would be in effect this fall.

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