Cell Phones Common Denominator in Weekend Domestics

La Crosse police spent the Easter week-end dealing with all sorts of domestic squabbles.  Including three of them that stemmed from arguments over cell phones.  On Good Friday, it was 28 year-old Damion Haynie beating down his girlfriend after the couple bought cell phones together at a big electronics store.  Apparently, Haynie was frustrated that she picked out a phone that cost ten bucks more than his.  And, his girlfriend told cops, he may have been high on crack.  On Saturday, it was 22 year-old Zachary Reese getting busted after a shoving match with his girlfriend over her phone.  And then Easter Sunday, 18 year-old Jacob Lorenz got hauled off to jail after a text message on his girlfriend's phone made him angry enough to throw her to the ground. 

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