La Crosse Pimp To Prison

A La Crosse pimp who ran a prostitution ring out of his North Side apartment will spend the next four years in prison. La Crosse County Circuit Judge Scott Horne sentenced 50 year old Steven Cathey this afternoon. Cathey stated in court that he did not try to prostitute anybody.

Prosecutors contend Cathey ran the ring out of an apartment on Rose Street from his October 2010, prison release until February 1st of last year. One woman said Cathey arranged her meetings with men, and another said Cathey kept the money from her eight customers and paid her with crack cocaine.

Cathey denied being involved in prostitution but was heard on phone calls from jail telling a woman to get rid of all the names and numbers. Cathey, back in October, entered an Alford plea where he admits no wrongdoing but concedes a jury likely would convict him to one count of pandering/pimping days before his trial. He later tried to withdraw his plea.

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