Sometimes You Just Want to Stay on the Train

The thing about riding on the train is that it's not your train.  So when you make problems, like an Amtrak rider did on the way through La Crosse this week-end, you can get kicked off.  Which is exactly what happened to 20 year-old Julian Rowland, hailing from Columbia, Missouri.  Couldn't pay for food that he got in the dining car and got physical with the conductor.  So the conductor called cops when the train stopped in La Crosse to give Rowland the boot.   But Rowland didn't want to go.  So it became a wrestling match in the train car with Rowland giving one officer a couple of good kicks in the leg while he was getting cuffed.  Which is going to make it that much harder to get to where Rowland was going when he got on the train in the first place. 

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