PepsiCo Lawsuit

(AP) A state appeals court has ruled a Jefferson County judge properly dismissed a lawsuit alleging PepsiCo stole two Wisconsin men's idea for bottled water. Charles Joyce and James Voigt filed a lawsuit in 2009 against the soft drink giant and two Wisconsin distributors in 2009. They alleged the companies stole their idea for Ultra-Pure water in 1981 and later marketed it as Aquafina. Jefferson County Circuit Judge Jacqueline Erwin initially awarded the men $1.26 billion. But Erwin later vacated the judgment and threw the case out, ruling the statute of limitations had expired. The 4th District Court of Appeals agreed Thursday, noting that PepsiCo began distributing Aquafina in 1994, more than a decade before the men filed the lawsuit. The men's attorney didn't immediately return a message.

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