Grand River Station Retail Spaces Still Empty But With Growing Interest

Although there's been lingering storefront vacancies throughout downtown La Crosse in the last few years, none has had more attention than those in the city-owned Grand River Station on third street. Those particular storefronts are in a thirty million dollar building that was years in the making and held all the promise of a revitalized downtown when it was envisioned. And, while the Grand River Station's apartments have rented well since the building opened, the retail spots on the ground floor have not. But that appears to be on the verge of changing. Because, as Downtown Mainstreet director Tim Kabat says, the downtown itself is a healthier place for business.

Kabat says this week he's talked to the rental agent for the Grand River Station retail sites and there appears to be growing interest. Though, to this point, that interest has yet to turn into a signed rental contract.

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