Oktoberfest Might Skip Parades This Year

Citing new fees required by La Crosse city hall, the Oktoberfest board of directors says it has suspended plans for its three parades in the city for the fall of 2012.  As part of a fee structure passed by the city council in the fall, parades, fun runs and other similar events have new fees and permits to pay to the city in order to offset things like police service.  The bill for Oktoberfest for this year: $18,000.  The board says its losses last year exceeded $40,000 without the fees and the organization isn't certain how it will be able to hold the parades with the new expense.  Mayor Matt Harter, meanwhile, says he has yet to meet with anyone from Oktoberfest but believes some arrangement will be reached in order to keep the parades rolling this year.

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