Kapanke Brought In Second Highest Amount Of Dough In Recall

Over $8 million dollars was raised last year by the 22 Wisconsin legislators who were involved in recalls and special elections. And another $4 million was brought in by party raising committees. That brought the total to over 12 million dollars collected by the candidates and their direct supporters. Recall candidates were allowed to raise unlimited funds before their elections were scheduled. La Crosse Republican Dan Kapanke brought in the 2nd highest amount....$1.1 million. He was behind Alberta Darling who tallied $1.3 million. Kapanke was one of only two senators recalled last year. The Senate Democratic Committee brought in the third highest amount, at just over $1 million dollars. Also, legislators who were not targeted last year raised at least some money for their campaigns this fall. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said they brought in a total of around $2 million dollars.

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