Iconic Bar in La Crosse Prepares for Grand Opening

Dan Schmitz nearly gave up just over a year ago. Schmitz had been trying to get the owner of the shuttered Casino Bar to sell it to him, and Don Padesky just didn't want to let his baby go. But Padesky relented eventually. Schmitz got the keys last January and he's been cleaning, fixing and sprucing up ever since. He opened in October but a grand opening is planned for next month. Schmitz agrees that there's some pressure to owning the iconic bar but mostly in relation to meeting expectations of Padesky. The two have developed a friendship and have worked closely together during the transition to the new version of the Casino.

Lots of projects left for the thirties vintage art deco bar, says Schmitz. But, he says, the music is still good, the beer is still richly varied and the service: just like the sign says outside, it's lousy.

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