Drake Fire Started In Couch

Investigators have no 'smoking gun' to pin on any individual for starting the Drake Hall fire at U-W-L...

But they do have a smoking couch. Campus police and the city fire department are certain that the January 29th fire began in a basement couch, so there had to be human involvement somehow. The blaze began around 4:30 in the morning, which lets out most Drake residents as suspects, since the majority were asleep in their rooms.


Campus police chief Scott Rohde says students have been very cooperative and revealing about what they were doing the day of the fire. But it seems nobody has confessed yet to setting a flame.  A reward of $2000 is being offered for tips that solve the case.



0 #1 Community Helper 2012-02-15 13:55
Question : Was the entrance to Drake Hall open 24/7 ? Or, was there a key code/lock to get in ?

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