Onalaska Burglary Suspect Nailed

With the assistance of LeadsOnline, a suspect has been arrested for the recent rash of garage entries in Onalaska. LeadsOnline is a national online investigative system used by law enforcement to recover stolen property. Pawn shops and police departments have the ability to enter property into the LeadOnline database.

In November, Investigator Chad Marcon entered the serial number of one of the stolen GPS systems into the database. On January 17th, Marcon received a hit on that item showing that it had been pawned at Pawn America in Onalaska. From that lead, a local female was arrested for receiving stolen property. That arrest led to the arrest of the boyfriend of the female suspect who ultimately confessed to 20 garage burglaries and 6 thefts from vehicles. Consent was given to search the residence where a large cache of property was located from the burglaries and thefts. The Onalaska Police Department pays approximately $2 thousand a year to be a member of LeadsOnline.

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